Citizen Investment Review Team

UWSAW needs you to serve on a Citizen Investment Review Team (CIRT)! 

CIRTs are made up of UWSAW board members and citizens who meet with a group of local nonprofit organizations that have applied for an UWSAW Community Impact Grant. The teams will listen to presentations, ask questions about programs, and make recommendations on funding.

Expected time commitment is about 5-10 hours:

  • 1-2 hours preparing for site visits (reviewing grant applications and supporting documents)
  • 3 hours for morning site visit session (9am-noon) and 3 hours for afternoon site visit session (1-4pm)
  • 1-2 hours after site visits reviewing notes and attending the Funders Meeting with the UWSAW board if interested 

Some site visits will be virtual while others will be conducted in person. Can't do the entire day? That's ok! Some folks enjoy doing the entire day; some folks can only do one of the site visit sessions.

No qualifications necessary! We want all areas of our community to be represented during this process.

Ready to get started? Contact Deirdre Kellner at or 540-885-1229 ext. 2.

To see a list of our funded community partners for 2023, click here!

For any additional information on other ways to volunteer for the United Way of Staunton, Augusta County & Waynesboro or get involved within the community, please contact Deirdre Kellner at (540) 885-1229 ext. 2.